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The following course listings are tentative. For the most updated version, please see the university class schedule.



ANTH 3128: Andean Cultures 
ANTH 3140: Cultures of Latin America (IR)
ANTH 3153: Black Atlantic: Anthropology of the African Diaspora (IR)
ANTH 3154: Brazilian Culture (IR)
ANTH 3211: Biology of Native Americans
ANTH 3321: The Classic Maya
ANTH 3322: Mesoamerican Archeology
ANTH 3540: Border Visual Culture
ANTH 4124: Religion in Latin America
ANTH 4962: Maya Archaeology: Field Research
ANTH 4950: Culture, Ecology, and Sustainability Field School in Todos Santos (Study Abroad)

Art History

ARTH 3510: Modern Latin American Art
ARTH 3520: Brazilian Art
ARTH 3540: Border Visual Culture
ARTH 3550: Latin America Avant-Gardes
ARTH 4510: Special Topics in Latin American Art and Visual Culture
ARTH 4520: Topics in Brazilian Art
ARTH 4530: Chicano Art ARTH 4540: Border Visual Culture (CEL)
ARTH 4590: Senior Seminar in Latin American Art and Visual Culture

Ethnic Studies

ETHNC 4560: Chicano Civil Rights Movement
ETHNC 5350: Diaspora, Transnationalism & U.S. Community
ETHNC 5590: Intensive Spanish, Culture & Community in Mexico
ETHNC 5663: Criminal Justice & Law 
ETHNC 5730: Chicana Feminist Theories
ETHNC 5860: Latinas: Race, Religion, Spirituality


HIST 3300: History of Mexico
HIST 3320: Incas and Ancestors
HIST 3350: History of Brazil
HIST 4075: Intro to the History of Science
HIST 4270: Empire and Exploration 1400-1750
HIST 4290: Americas after Columbus
HIST 4300: Topics in Latin American History
HIST 4310: Gender and Power in Latin America
HIST 4315: Latin America in Film
HIST 4540: Chicana/o History since 1849
HIST 4550: Latinos in the United States
HIST 4640: America in Global Perspective
HIST 4670: History of Native American Peoples

Political Science

POLS 3430: Politics of Revolution in Latin America
POLS 3500: Democracy in Latin America
POLS 3520: Government and Politics of Mexico
POLS 3550: Comparative Politics of Latin America
POLS 3560: Community Engagement in Costa Rica (Study Abroad)
POLS 3960: Complexity, Community, and Change in Cuba (SA)
POLS 5350: Politics of Poverty in Latin America
POLS 5410: New Democracies
POLS 5490: International Relations of Latin America
POLS 5600: Democracy in Latin America


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Student during a semester study abroad in Ecuador.







Portuguese & Brazilian Studies

PTGSE 3050: Topics in Literature and Culture
PTGSE 3580: Contemporary Issues
PTGSE 4510: Business Portuguese
PTGSE 4560: Brazilian Culture and Civilization
PTGSE 4620: Introduction to Portuguese and Lusophone Literature
PTGSE 4630: Intro to Brazilian Literature
PTGSE 4710: Luso-Brazilian Cinema


SPAN 3070: Intro Textual Analysis
SPAN 3510: Business Spanish
SPAN 3520: Business Spanish II
SPAN 3580: Health & Culture for Spanish Speaking Countries
SPAN 4560: Culture and Customs in Spanish America
SPAN 4600: U.S. Latino Literature
SPAN 4630: Survey of Spanish American Literature
SPAN 4720: Hispanic Narrative
SPAN 4750: Spanish American Novel
SPAN 4900: Special Topics
SPAN 5240: Linguistic Structure of Spanish
SPAN 5241: Topics in Spanish Linguistics
SPAN 5242: Spanish Pronunciation and Phonetics

Other Departments

BIOL 3450: Rainforest Ecology (SF, IR)
BUS 3940: Brazil and the Global Economy
CMP 4380: Reconnecting Communities to Water in Mexico (SA)
ECON 5460: Latin American Economic History and Development 
ENGL 3780: Global/Transn. Literature (when taught by Prof. Alberto)
ENGL 5850: Studies Latina/-o Literature
GNDR 5755: Gender and Power in Latin America
GEOG 3670: Geography of Latin America (IR)
H EDU 3500: Medical Spanish
H EDU 5800: Justice and Health in the Dominican Republic (SA)
LING 5241: Topics in Spanish Linguistics
PHIL 3013: Philosophy of Borges
SOC 3383: Latina and Latino Sociology
SOC 3434: Indigenous Peoples
SW 3700: Families, Culture, and Social Context in Oaxaca (SA)

Last Updated: 3/4/19