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Bradley Parker, Associate Professor, History

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Current research:
I am an archaeologist and theoretician interested in all aspects of the ancient world. Although I was originally trained in the Middle East, since 2010 I have been working in the Peruvian Andes. My current field project is a comprehensive analysis of the archaeological landscape in the headwaters of the Nasca River in central Peru. I am also currently working as a specialist in microarchaeology on several archaeological sites on the north coast of Peru. Topics that I am currently working on include, household archaeology, microarchaeology, network empire, aerial mapping and ground truthing, mapping ancient road networks, social differentiation, settlement patterns, excavation and quantitative artifact analysis.

Research topics and opportunities: 
I am willing to serve as a committee member for students who are supported in their research by a main advisor and in doing so are working on any topic in the ancient world or the Andes.

I am willing to serve as a committee chair for students that I can directly guide in a topic about various aspects of the archaeology and history of the ancient Andes or for students who seek to compare topics in the ancient Andes to other parts of the world. In most cases students who wish to work directly with me would be involved in the fieldwork that I regularly conduct in the Andes and would pursue a topic that emanates from that fieldwork.

I offer unique opportunities for students interested in archaeological fieldwork. Because I am the field director of a multi-year archaeological project, I can involve capable students in international travel and field research and I am able to define manageable student projects that can be undertaken (with my supervision) under the auspices of my larger project.

Last Updated: 10/4/17