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research funding

The Center of Latin American Studies offers funding opportunities for students to offset the cost of travel to present research at a conference.

Research Grants

When to Apply: Grants are considered monthly.               

How to Apply: submit a one page proposal in which you indicate the conference, the dates and location, and a budget request that indicates costs and matching funds, if any. The narrative should describe the your participation/role in the conferece, how attending fits your academic goals, and how you expect to benefit from attending. Emails proposal to and to the Director of the Center of Latin American Studies.  


  • Applicants must be enrolled graduate  students in Latin American Studies
  • Requested funds may only cover the applicant’s future research-related expenses

Additional Info

  • Funding from the research grant may cover expenses for future airfare, lodging, conference registration, etc. Please include these costs in your budget request.
  • Consider applying for other funding through the below two offices:
Last Updated: 1/6/20