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K-12 Past Workshops

2014 Immigration and Education

Immigration and Education Utah is a "new immigrant gateway," meaning that it has one of the fastest growing immigrant populations in the country. The vast majority of these immigrants come from Latin America, particularly Mexico. This workshop will provide an introduction to the immigrant population from Latin America and to related issues that affect local schools.  Topics of investigation and discussion will include: the causes of migration and settlement patters in the United States; the diversity of Utah's immigrant population; the unintended consequences of immigration policies; schools as key locations for integration and/or marginalization; challenges and opportunities diverse classrooms pose for students and teachers; and integration as a two-way process.


2014 Teaching & Learning Hispanic Language & Culture

Faculty: Gary Atwood, Dr. Maria Spicer-Escalante & Ofelia Wade

This language immersion workshop will offer an opportunity to connect literary theory and practice as you get exposed to a variety of topics in Spanish language and culture presented by university faculty. Participants will be led through presentations on issues pertaining to Hispanic literature, Dual Language Immersion and Spanish Linguistics. They will have a chance to discuss ideas on how to incorporate the material presented into their curriculum.


2012 A Retrospective Look at the Mexican and Cuban Revolutions

This (Spanish) language immersion workshop will examine the half-century literary and cultural legacies of the Mexican Revolution (1920-1970) and the Cuban Revolution (1959-2009), including their hemispheric impact upon education, civil society, and popular culture.


2011 Spanish Language Immersion Workshop

This (Spanish) language immersion workshop, taught by professors of Latin American literatures, will explore a variety of cultural expressions from indigenous, Afro-Latino, and mestizo perspectives.


2010 Utopias & Dystopias in the Spanish-Speaking World: 20th century through the Present

A (Spanish) language immersion workshop to acquaint teachers with the frameworks of utopia and dystopia to study representations of society in Spanish and Latin American literature and culture.


2010 Empowering Students today with Lessons from History: Centennial of the Mexican Revolution

A workshop exploring the ways Mexican history can empower life, politics, and culture. Participants will develop course materials to use in their classrooms.

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