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community partners

Mana Academy

  • Support of professional development of their faculty to strengthen a culturally relevant pedagogy and curriculum focused on Pacific Islander and Latina/o experiences.

Professors Off Campus

  • participation in the University of Utah Tanner Humanities Center Professors Off Campus Program, with projects that involved Title I schools with heavily Latin American immigrant and Latino student populations.

2014-2015 Professors Off Campus

Juan Carlos Claudio - Assistant Professor, Department of Modern Dance

Professor Claudio's project is titled "Bridging Cultures to Form a Nation: Dancing Through Differences in a Community of Democratic Thinking." Partnering with Bryant Middle School of the Salt Lake City School District, Claudio will use dance as a medium to enhance personal and social responsibility while expanding students' knowledge of peoples of different cultures. By exploring dance as a means of empowerment, discovery, and community building, he looks to reduce the school's truancy rate and cultivate personal ownership by students in their academic studies.

2012-13 Professors Off Campus

Susie Porter - Associate Professor, Department of History/Gender Studies Program

Professor Porter's project brings together the University of Utah's Gender Studies program, the Women's Resource Center, and Franklin Elementary School to provide opportunities for University students to mentor young girls' self-esteem, skill development, and leadership abilities.

Salt Lake Community College

  • Transfer consults with Center for Ethnic Student Affairs (CESA)

Through working with CESA on their transfer programs, we are able to promote the Foreign Language and Area Studies Scholarships (FLAS) and the importance of language and area studies with heritage learners and students of color that seek support from CESA.

Utah Valley University

  • collaboration with Utah Valley University (UVU), located 40 miles south of Salt Lake City and serving approximately 35,000 students, to promote international education on Latin America. 

Last year, CLAS partnered with UVU on its major programming initiative from the Center for Global and Cultural Engagement, Global Spotlight: Peru, a yearlong series of events to promote knowledge of and engagement with Mexico on campus and in the community. In 2013-2014, CLAS will partnered with UVU on Global Spotlight: Mexico.

Westside Pathways

  • Jackson Elementary & Adelante
  • Mestizo Arts & Activism (high school)
  • Westside Pathways Summer Academy

The partnership with Westside Pathways focuses on professional development and teacher training opportunities with Jackson faculty, including promotion of the annual CLASP Americas Award.  Through Mestizo Arts & Activism and the Westside Pathways Summer Academy, we promote language study and area studies to heritage learners. 

Artes de Mexico en Utah

Glendale-Mountain View Community Learning Campus

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