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          A Conversation about the US Latinx Theatre & Performance              in the Time of COVID-19

Date: Wednesday, March 3

Time: 12:10 p.m.

Location: Zoom. Registration is required.

How have Latina/o/x theatre- and performance-makers responded to the constellation of crises of the last year? Did the Spring 2020 wave of cancellations, closures and postponements impact Latina/o/x artists in any particular ways? How have Latina/o/x theatre-makers engaged the broad reckonings around anti-Blackness, white supremacism, and racial injustice that gained prominence in the last year? What kinds of performances have Latinx artists made during this “unprecedented” historical moment? And why do the best Latinx shows on TV keep getting canceled? Join award-winning performance historian Brian Eugenio Herrera to engage these and other questions in a lively, interactive discussion. Profe Herrera will invite questions from our virtual audience members to guide a collaborative conversation about the state of US Latinx theatre and performance today.

Last Updated: 11/4/21