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Graduate Certificate

Are you a graduate student with an interest in Latin America? Do you want to be competitive in the growing global workplace? You can now earn a certificate in Latin American Studies while pursuing any masters, doctoral, or professional degree!

The Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies is designed to help students become leaders in an increasingly globalized job market through a formalized certification of regional and language skills competency within their chosen field of study. The certificate is available to all students, including MA and PhD students, and students in professional programs such as Law, MPA, Social Work, etc. The new certificate will provide graduate students from all disciplines opportunities to deepen their expertise in Latin America and its languages, while still allowing them to complete the graduation requirements in their primary discipline. With the Certificate, graduates will be able to clearly signal to prospective employers that they have relevant language skills and expertise in Latin America.

Certificate Requirements

  • 15 Total Credits
  • 15 credits of coursework related to Latin America: Complete 15 credits of coursework in at least two different academic departments. Courses may be selected from an extensive pre-approved course list or with additional approval. Students may also receive up to 9 credits for the following activities with prior approval: directed readings, field research, practicum, study abroad, and internship experiences.
  • Demonstrate intermediate-high reading and oral proficiency in Spanish, Portuguese, Nahuatl or Quechua/Kichwa by passing an oral exam or completing a language course at the 3000 level or higher.
  • Complete a graduate project related to Latin America(e.g. dissertation, master’s paper or thesis, internship, practicum, etc.). In lieu of a graduate project, a student may complete an additional 3 credits of Latin America-related coursework.

Admission Requirements

  • Matriculated graduate students pursuing any graduate degree are eligible (for example, MA, JD, MFA, Ph.D., etc.). Students will be eligible for the Latin American Studies certificate when they have met the minimum requirements as stipulated by the University, submitted a brief letter of application, and have met with and been approved by the Latin American Studies graduate advisor.
  • Individuals who have a BA or BS degree, but are not matriculated/enrolled in a graduate program, are also eligible. Non-matriculated applicants must have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better, and one letter of recommendation in addition to the above application requirements. These applicants must 1) submit a writing sample that showcases their academic capabilities, and 2) identify the personal or professional goals they will be working toward through the certificate.
  • Applications for both matriculated and non-matriculated students will be accepted and considered on a rolling basis.

Admissions and Advising

The Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies built with flexibility to meet the needs of students from all disciplines with minimal or no delay in their progress towards graduation. Students wishing to apply should contact Patrick Cheney for more information. As the graduate advisor for the Center for Latin American Studies he will work with you to create a plan to complete the certificate requirements.   

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Last Updated: 11/17/21