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MA in Latin American Studies

The MA program is a flexible and rigorous two-year degree program that allows students to deepen their knowledge of Latin America by taking courses in a wide range of academic departments and professional schools.

The MA degree is flexible because students can design a program of study that best fits with their career or professional goals. Students can take courses in a wide range of departments and professional program, including the sciences, the social sciences and humanities, Social Work, Education, Nursing, Public Health, Business, Architecture and Urban Planning, Law, etc.

It is also rigorous because all MA students are required to develop strong language skills, acquire deep and broad knowledge of Latin American countries and cultures, and develop research skills and specialized knowledge in an academic discipline, professional program or interdisciplinary concentration. 

Program Requirements

The program requires a total of 30 credits, including 8 elective courses (24 credits), thesis hours (6 credits). While there are no required courses for the MA degree, all students must complete a foreign language requirement, complete the requirements for a  disciplinary concentration, fulfill a methods requirement, fulfill a regional breadth requirement, and complete a substantial research paper (thesis). Disciplinary concentrations can focus on one of the departments participating in the program or can involve creative and practical interdisciplinary combinations of courses that fit with the student's career goals. More details on these requirements can be found here.


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With an interdisciplinary degree, programs of study will include coursework from across academic disciplines. Below are examples of ways to build a program of study around a research topic of Latin America. 

Borderlands & Indigeneity

Cultural Studies

Democratization in Latin America

Sustainable Development

K-12 Education & Pedagogy

Latin American Diasporas


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MA in Latin American Studies

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career paths

Graduates confront a job market that demands knowledge of foreign cultures and languages, a reflection of both globalization and significant demographic shifts at home. Many graduates will pursue international careers in the public, private and non-profit sector. But immigration from Latin America to the United States also creates a need for expertise in Latin American culture and language domestically. This demographic shift now requires that social workers, school teachers, nurses, lawyers, and doctors have much greater linguistic and cultural competency to adequately serve this population.

A core purpose of the MA program is to provide students with the skills and expertise to become leaders in their chosen fields. The MA degree is ideal for both professionals seeking regional knowledge and students intending to pursue a Ph.D and academic careers. It prepares graduates for careers in government, public policy, academia, international law, international business, non-profit organizations, journalism, education, social work, and other professions.

application information

All applications for the MA in Latin American Studies must be submitted online through Graduate Admissions.

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Last Updated: 4/28/20