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Featured Events

  • Nahuatl3rd Annual Nahuatl Conference 2020

    CLAS is happy to sponsor the 3rd Annual Nahuatl Conference at UCLA! This webinar features new research on Mesoamerica by 3 teachers and 4 advanced students of the Nahuatl language.

  • Daily Utah ChronicleDaily Utah Chronicle: Spanish LLC

    CLAS and the Honors college are partnering to launch a Spanish speaking Living Learning Community in the Honors Dorms, starting Fall 2020.

  • SundanceCine Mexico en Sundance Film Festival

    Meet the films submitted by Mexican directors/filmmakers that will be featured at the Sundance Film Festival from January 23-February 2. Conoce las propuestas del cine mexicano que estarán presentes el festival de cine de Sundance del 23 de enero al 2 de febrero.

  • FLAS appFLAS Application Now Open for Summer 2019 and Academic Year 2020-2021 Awards!

    The University of Utah offers federally funded Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships. The award is open to students in any department who will include language and area study in their course load.Applications are due January 31st for both Summer 2019 and Academic Year 2020-2021 awards.

  • FLAS2019FLAS Scholarship Info Sessions

    FLAS Scholarships are open to U of U students in any department (except the School of Medicine) for the study of a less commonly taught foreign language and related area studies.

  • FilmexicoFilméxico: 2019 Contemporary Mexican Films

    May 17-18, 2019 at Broadway Centre Cinemas. Admission is free!

  • Dolowitz2019 Anne and Sandy Dolowitz Lecture in Human Rights

    "Migration in the Americas: A Panel Discussion about Borders, Humanity, and the State." Thursday, March 28th, 2019.

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