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Summer Nahuatl Brown Bag Series: The Nahuatl Language of la Huasteca in Culture Processes

Date: July 21, 2020

Time: 1:40-2:30 p.m. MST

Location: Zoom

Please Note: This program is open to all Summer Nahuatl Language and Culture Program.

Nahuatl is a language of the Yutonahua linguistic trunk distributed throughout regions of Mexico and ranks first with nearly 2 million speakers. Each Nahua territory has its own historical and cultural processes, which implies not only dialect variations, but also distant times and precise places, where they had developments consistent with geography and socialization processes with other indigenous peoples.

The Nahuas of La Huasteca are a dialect group with micro-regional disparities that obey the times of their arrival in the territory due to very diverse circumstances, including migration and military invasions. Currently the visibility of historical events is reflected in vocabulary and certain morphological characteristics within the structuring of sentences and dialogues. Cultural traditions such as rituals, music, dances and orality are added to this legacy. This talk will explore some historical facts and characteristics of contemporary Nahuatl in the southern region of la Huasteca.

Make sure to mark your calendar for every Tuesday in July to make sure you are apart of this incrediabe series. Each week a new speaker and topic will be discussed. 

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