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Mural by famous Mexican Muralist

The Mexican Muralist Movement: How Passion and Politics Made Mexico a World Stage

Wednesday, July 8 | 6:30–7:30 pm | Zoom

Registration will open on July 1, 2020

Created in a year-long partnership with Artes de México en Utah, the UMFA presents a unique series of classes designed to explore Mexican history through art. The series consists of three sessions in June, July, and August, each with a unique artistic focus. Taught by Susan Vogel and Renato Olmedo-Gonzalez, in July's lesson we will discuss the history of Mexican muralism.

In a country rebuilding itself after its revolution, the Mexican Muralist movement began as a government-funded form of public art. It provided an opportunity for the common people to have access to art and promoted messages of Mexican cultural identity, history, politics, oppression, resistance, indigeneity, mestizaje and the rejection of external influences. Muralism created the conversation of art and politics within Mexico and, while it employed various artists from across the country—indeed the world!—three muralists, including Pablo O’Higgins, emerged and became known as “los tres grandes.” Who were these great muralists and how did they influence not only Mexico but also the rest of the world? We will hear from both community members and a scholar to offer multiple perspectives of the muralism movement.  

Tune in to the whole series from home this summer!

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