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2020 Center for Latin American Studies Student of the Year!

Jose Chacon image
José Miguel David Chacón-Valdez

Congratulations to José Miguel David Chacón-Valdez for receiving the Center for Latin American Studies 2020 Student of the Year award! 

José Chacón is a bright and curious student who actively looks for academic and personal challenges to further his intellectual growth. His interests are wide-ranging, including music, politics, languages, Mexican history and culture, and he manages to excel in all of them. He spent an academic year studying at the Universidad de las Americas, in Puebla, Mexico, during which time he learned Spanish, observed Mexico’s historic presidential elections, and immersed himself in the local music community. I am also impressed with his grit and determination to lift himself up whenever he faces obstacles. He will accomplish amazing things.

The photo was retrieved from the College of Humanities and all credit goes to the Dean's Marketing & Communications staff. Check out this amazing page that they also created for our graduates in honoring their accomplishments and awards within the College of Humanities here!


Last Updated: 11/4/21