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CLAC Courses Spring 2022

University of Utah offers students the exciting opportunity to apply their proficiency in a second language to the study of academic content in fields such as Art History, Communication, History, Marketing, Sociology and Political Science.

What is a CLAC Section?
In this compact one-hour-a-week class, you will discuss in a foreign language, short selections of essays/articles linked to the main course section.

Who can take the course?
Anyone enrolled in the main course section, whose foreign language speaking skills are at the intermediate level or higher, and who would like more opportunities to communicate in the foreign language that the CLAC section is being taught in.

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POLS 2200ANTH 1010

ENVST 2100HIST 1310

JAPAN 4750MUSC 3600

SOC 1010

Last Updated: 1/11/22