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Recommended Area Studies Courses

Recommended Area Studies Courses for FLAS

All students enrolled at the University of Utah during the duration of the FLAS fellowship must take at least one area studies course per semester. 

For FLAS purposes, an area studies course dedicates a minimum of 25% of its content on Asia related topics. Many of the courses on this list count towards Latin American StudiesInternational Studies, or language majors and minors.

The University also offers a variety of FLAS-eligible graduate-level courses. They are available through many departments, including independent study and cross-listed courses.

The following list is not comprehensive. If you are interested in taking a course that is not on this list, please contact the FLAS coordinator ( for approval.

Course List

ANTH 3128 Andean Cultures

ANTH 3153 Black Atlantic: Anthropology of the African Diaspora

ANTH 3154 Brazilian Culture

ANTH 3321 The Classic Maya

ANTH 3322 Mesoamerican Archeology

ANTH 4124 Religion in Latin America

ARTH 3510 Modern Latin American Art

ARTH 3550 Latin America Avant-Gardes

ARTH 4510 Special Topics in Latin American Art and Visual Culture

ARTH 4520 Topics in Brazilian Art

ARTH 4530 Chicano Art

ARTH 4540 Border Visual Culture

ARTH 4590 Senior Seminar in Latin American Art and Visual Culture

BIOL 3450 Rainforest Ecology

BUS 3234 Brazil and the Global Economy

CLCS 4975 Comparative Approaches to Latin America

ECON 5460 Latin American Economic History and Development

ECON 5461 Topics in Latin American Economic History and Development

GNDR 5755 Gender and Power in Latin America

GEOG 3670 Geography of Latin America

HIST 3300 History of Mexico

HIST 3350 History of Brazil

HIST 4270 Empire and Exploration 1400-1750

HIST 4290 Americas after Columbus

HIST 4300 Topics in Latin American History

HIST 4310 Gender and Power in Latin America

HIST 4315 Latin America in Film

LING 5241 Topics in Spanish Linguistics

POLS 3430 Politics of Revolution in Latin America

POLS 3500 Democracy in Latin America

POLS 3520 Government and Politics of Mexico

POLS 3550 Comparative Politics of Latin America

POLS 5410 New Democracies

POLS 5490 International Relations of Latin America

POLS 5960 Latin American Studies for the Professions

PTGSE 3050 Topics in Literature and Culture

PTGSE 3580 Contemporary Issues

PTGSE 4560 Brazilian Culture and Civilization

PTGSE 4620 Introduction to Portuguese and Lusophone Literature

PTGSE 4630 Intro to Brazilian Literature

PTGSE 4710 Luso-Brazilian Cinema

SPAN 3580 Health and Culture for Spanish Speaking Countries

SPAN 4510 Business Spanish

SPAN 4520 Business Spanish II

SPAN 4560 Culture and Customs in Spanish America

SPAN 4630 Survey of Spanish American Literature

SPAN 4750 Spanish American Novel

SPAN 4790 Masterpieces of Mexican Literature

SPAN 5240 Linguistic Structure of Spanish

SPAN 5241 Topics in Spanish Linguistics

SPAN 5242 Spanish Pronunciation and Phonetics

Last Updated: 11/4/21